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Art of Veneer at Palladium Mall: Equilibria

Year of Completion: 2021
Location: Exhibited at Palladium Mumbai
Area of Construction: 4 feet by 4 feet Art Frame

EQUILIBRIA: Art of Veneer in collaboration with Venzowood and EztablishArt

The Art of Veneer campaign was introduced by VENZOWOOD to stir things within the veneer domain, push the industry to its fullest potential and show the fraternity what can be achieved with the use of veneer as a material. The artworks placed before you are creations of some of the most talented designers of the design domain executed by the fine craftsmanship of Venzowood. Each artwork is a culmination of varied veneer pieces, stacked and inlayed like a one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzle. The art in itself is a manifestation of the designers’ unique thoughts expressed through an unconventional medium.‚Äč

(Funds generated via sales will be donated to charity)

Studio Osmosis Art Design Team: Sameer B, Shilpa JB, Sanshriti, Yasha

Balance is an ideology that drives all our lives. As Koi Fresco said, “Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness, and through awareness, we can grow.” Our life requires balance, whether it is the work-life balance or personal and emotional balance. This is something that played a crucial role during the pandemic, whether it was adapting to work from home or having to modify your lifestyle. Keeping this universal notion in mind, we created an artwork that represents the concept through the lens of Wassily Kandinsky. 

This artwork takes inspiration from the Composition VIII, by Wassily Kandinsky.  Composition VIII Is one of his most versatile paintings that achieves a balanced composition via the arrangement and overlapping of geometric forms and colors. The positive and negative spaces of these intersecting forms configure newer shapes. The gradation and contrast of colors, along with bold strokes, create a visual coherency and directs the eye to specific formations, almost like a narrative.

Our artwork ‘Equilibria’ exhibits the design principle of balance; composition, colors and forms. Unlike Kandinsky’s Composition VIII, we wanted to create depth using 3-dimensional forms and contrast of colors. Furthermore, the background merges with the foreground to create a linear yet dynamic visual narrative for the spectator. Elements like the shapes balancing on each other, the contrast of subtle background against the vibrant colors, create harmony yet a sense of intrigue and constitutes to a well-composed artwork. The material (veneer) that the artwork is laser-cut and made out of, adds the texture and grains as well as a sense of direction adding another layer of detailing.