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ADIE boutique Store

Year of Completion: 2012
Location: Bandra Mumbai
Area of Construction: 400 sq.ft

Adie is a western designer clothing store in the plush location of Bandra. The store adapts its clothing line with changing seasons and trends. It flaunts couture with emerging time, whereas the design submerges itself as a backdrop for clothing it endorses. The store has an out-going yet a vintage-loft feel to defining the ambience of the store. Adie, being a low budget, minimizes the cost for designing the space by using a variety of recycled materials in an innovative way. The store is a cozy space that is splashed with white textured walls, letting the products stand out with its varied colors and it is adorned by use of old artifacts used in a funky style. The suitcases, the New York poster frames, bookshelves, chalkboard and other pieces add interest to the otherwise simple style. The unique ceiling adores the use of left overs of metal mesh in a neat finish giving the quirky and functional factor and lighting the store with creative shadows. Use of pine wood gives a lightened feel to the overall ambience to the space. Metal mesh has also been used to decorate the designers table. Another interesting feature is use of plumbing pipes as support for hanging clothes that run at different levels segregating variety of clothing.