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Dialogues 2022 SPADE Corner table Product Design

Year of Completion: 2022
Location: Lake Palace, Udaipur

With an unambiguous design & a vibrant colour theme, this À la mode side table was created for the Dialgues 2022 at the Udaipur Lake Palace with the purpose of intensifying the relationship between the furniture and owner. Developed by Sameer & Shilpa, the table is a Memphis-meet- pop art inspired design with a bold colour palette and vivid geometric forms which transforms itself around the items held within the table. Made of sustainable materials, it aims to transcend the manner in which we perceive furniture to be. It is designed modularly with forms that can interlock with each other manifesting forms inspired by the user.  it can be used as an Art statement, Magazine rack, Plant holder and many more… it’s your personal Lego.  It’s your very own ‘Sprightly’. 

Built by Swati Interior;  Materials: Indowud, ICA Pidilite