The Osmosis Phenomenon


Founded in 2010, Studio Osmosis is a multidisciplinary design practice formed by Sameer Balvally and Shilpa Jain Balvally. The Studio’s foundation is based on the genesis of the ‘Osmosis’ phenomenon where the ultimate design is a product of client collaboration and intricate aesthetic detail. The firm has to its credit, many award-winning designs and clients. Within a short span of time, Studio Osmosis has become a venerable name in the design and architecture space.


With almost two decades of architecture, interior designing and planning experience gathered from working with clients across India and abroad, Shilpa and Sameer Balvally had started their own practice called Studio Osmosis in January of 2010. The work ethics of the multi-disciplinary practice are a combination of Indian and international ideologies; merging cultures and using the pros of both philosophies. Studio Osmosis aims at establishing a delicate balance between youth and experience, creativity and practicality. The Studio has always believed in utilising these qualities cohesively to generate distinct, functional designs. All designs at the Studio are based on research and experimentation with adaptability as the key factor. The focus is always on the site, context, the constraints and the opportunity that a project presents.

Staying true to its name, the design philosophies at Studio Osmosis exhibit a sense of fluidity and dynamism. A more adaptable and flexible approach to design is followed by not sticking to one particular formal style of design but instead, by understanding and absorbing the client’s needs and developing tailor-made solutions to projects. Young minds collaborate creatively and fresh ideas and concepts are transformed into unique, tangible endeavours in experimental and sustainable design. This approach to design is what makes projects stand out in a crowd and brings a sense of dynamic freshness to the table.

This element of bespoke designs and solutions can be observed throughout our diverse portfolio. Studio Osmosis has delivered a variety of multi-disciplinary projects ranging from interior architecture for residential as well as commercial, healthcare, retail projects in various cities across India and abroad. Our projects exude distinctive elements of design and the ease of underlying functionality that leave an impression in people’s minds. We hope to head into the future of our firm with the same modus operandi of building spaces and experiences for people and enjoying the process alongside.



Shilpa Jain Balvally

Graduating from Academy of Architecture in Mumbai, Shilpa Jain Balvally proceeded to pursue Masters in Architecture from Texas A&M University, specializing in Healthcare Designs and Systems. Along with that, a keen interest in green building and sustainable architecture, led her to seek the USGBC LEED accreditation.

Shilpa’s interest in Healthcare Design was further honed by working at reputed architectural firms; Steffian Bradley Architects in Boston and FKP Architects in Houston. Both these firms specialise in Healthcare projects where Shilpa used an evidence-based design process to create healing environments that improve quality of care, promote safety and health and increase operational efficiency. Studio Osmosis was influenced by a similar core approach and genesis which can be applied across genres.

Shilpa is an ardent glocal traveller who strongly believes that every new adventure, historic and cultural and food experience helps a creative mind breed newer ideas and this in turn gives a fresh perspective to design. She also has a keen interest in child educational and holistic growth related research and processes.


Sameer Balvally

After graduating from Academy of Architecture in Mumbai, Sameer Balvally pursued Masters in Architecture from Texas A&M University. With a keen interest in green architecture, he became a USGBC LEED Accredited Professional and believes every project should be intrinsically green.

A dreamer with an eye for detailing, Sameer finds inspiration in ironies. His passion for design is his unique signature that Sameer exudes into every project. Sameer’s forte is his innovative application of materials and technology, which eventually churn design concepts into reality. He believes in stretching the boundaries of design with constant experimentation while adapting with site, context, strategies, materials and budget.

Sameer is an avid fan of music, adventure and cycling. He enjoys photography and loves capturing nuances of life from behind a lens.


Studio Osmosis has had a rewarding journey since its inception. It has been honoured to have fantastic clients whose projects have shaped the firm’s reputation as a prominent name in the field. In their seven year journey, Shilpa and Sameer have been felicitated and recognized on various platforms. Their projects have garnered much adulation and praise in the industry and their design sense has been appreciated by many.


  • Best Multidisciplinary Residential Design Practice 2020 – Maharashtra by BUILD magazine , UK 
  • Best Multidisciplinary Residential Design Practice 2019 – Maharashtra by BUILD magazine, UK


  • CIA World Construction Awards, Best Commercial Interior; 2020 (Happy)
  • Ace of Space Award ; Best Use of Glass , ITP Media 2019
  • WADeAsia Awards 2019, Women Architects and Designers Awards; Runner up for Excellence in Hospitality Category (Barcelos); 2019
  • HOT 100-Architects in India, Architects and Interiors India Century Issue; 2017
  • WADeAsia Awards 2017, Women Architects and Designers Awards; Runner up for Excellence in Hospitality Category (Classe by cooking culture); 2017
  • CIA World Construction Awards, Best Commercial Interior; 2016 (SJ contracts pvt ltd.)
  • TRENDS Excellence Award for Architecture & Design; Shortlisted in Residential category Studio by the sea; 2016
  • IGen Top50 Architects, Architects and Interiors India ; 2013 
  • Young Achiever 2013-Young entrepreneur award, MACCIA (Maharashtra Chambers of Commerce) ;2013
  • India’s HOT 100, Most Influential people in the industry, Commercial Design Magazine ITP ; 2014. 
  • INDEX KUDOS AWARD-Kudos Gallery (2016) ;Contribution to Design of Commercial Spaces.
  • Restaurant Project published in Coffee table book – ‘STYLISH RESTAURANTS AND BARS in India’ showcasing India’s best restaurants, IAG publication; 2017
  • CORREA, master renown-Homage to Charles Correa coffee table book published Studio Osmosis’ work and views ; 2015


Studio Osmosis is proud to have worked with some of the most respected names around the country. The team has been a part of extremely interesting and exciting projects that have added immensely to our design sensibilities and approach.