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Sayaji Hotels

Location: Baroda

This space is a design for the Sayaji Group of Hotels which included the entire lobby, rebranding and creating an entirely new look breaking away from the brand's earlier perception and adding a sense of new-age luxury and modern materials to the entire theme. The rooms too were designed with the idea of becoming a modular kit of parts and yet moving away from the typical browns of a hotel room and creating a refreshing new look for all age groups and attracting the young and working corporates and adding a sense of art and culture to the rooms via indigenous and local works.

Geometrical circular inlay patterns on the floor add interest and give direction once you are in this Lobby. The pattern draws one to an elegant reception area on one side and a super comfortable waiting lounge on the other. The circular suspended lights in brushed gold mimic the flooring patterns. Leather paneling on the wall is a show stopper while Geometrical circular inlay patterns on the floor add interest. The glass façade has delicate laser cut metal jali screens which cut the light and creates interesting shadow patterns on the floor. These geometric patterns are further repeated as one goes through the lobby screening the business center from public view.
Breaking the monochromatic colors are the circular rust colored area carpets and the sofa with a tropical print.
The typical deluxe room was envisioned to be manufactured off-site with modular elements and assembled together at any location. Modular elements and accurately designed elements add efficiency and speed in execution. Art will be sourced indigenously. Custom print fabric with complementary upholstery adds warmth to the otherwise monochrome room.