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Masumi Overseas

Year of Completion: 2018
Location: Mumbai
Area of Construction: 3500 Sqft.

    Inspired by the brand and the company's core itself, the fragmented and faceted design element became the story. The diamond shape was broken down with truncated linear expressions that flowed through the office. The double-height lobby boasts a solid surface faceted reception Table with a laser-cut aluminum-clad feature that dominates the backdrop.
A customized faceted light feature in plated stainless steel features in this Lobby. The management area is wrapped around a central landscape feature which also doubles up as an interaction space. With angular linear lines extending in the flooring and ceiling. The green courtyard is a feature of the space. Flanked by the director's cabins, this courtyard makes it the highlight of the office. This space is used to gather around, interact with the customers and keeps it casual yet elegant and humane.