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Manchester United Cafe and Bar Ghatkopar

Year of Completion: 2012
Location: R City Mall, Ghatkopar, Mumbai
Area of Construction: 3500 square feet

The decor of Manchester United Bar and Grill was to be in tandem with the adrenaline and enthusiasm of sports fans. Red and Black, their primary colours were used to create a cozy yet stylish ambiance. The key aspect of the bar is the big sports screen and accents like footballs hanging from the ceiling made the whole atmosphere lively.

While the ambience of the Café and Bar was aimed at being casual, it still gave a sophisticated touch in its detailing. The dynamic feature of the outlet was the bar area with its unique rope ceiling. The inspiration of the same derived from a ‘Mexican Wave’; a rhythmic movement of the crowd throughout the stadium. A wooden beam ran along the ceiling in a curve with red nylon ropes forming a rippling effect in the framework. The bar back was enhanced with edge lit glass shelves for their bottle display. Flanked on either side of the bar were the Home and Away zone with casual high seating opposite the bar. Chain link fence with football stands added to the casual atmosphere of the outlet.