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Frozen Monkey

Year of Completion: 2014
Location: E Square Pune
Area of Construction: 2500 square feet

Frozen Monkey was designed with a young clientele in mind. Designing for an agegroup of 18 to 30 years meant keeping the place vibrant, fun and lively. The evolution theory was represented in funky graphics and youthful elements like cave structures and faceted elevations depicting frozen ice. Stalagtite and stalacmites on the ceiling took forward the cave theme and the standout element was the backlit tree in the dining area. The tree was an artisitic depiction of the abode of monkeys. Although it had a youthful spirit, the place would also see family crowds, mall walk ins apart from young customers. It was also to be used for private parties and gatherings. Keeping all this in mind, Studio Osmosis designed the space with flexibilty and fluidity. Almost all the facets of the space were designed to have more than singular uses. Latticed screens and ceiling features helped us highlight active and static zones.