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Isprava- Villa C- Sienna Vaddo Alibag

Year of Completion: 2022
Location: Alibaug
Area of Construction: 2500 Sqft.
Studio Osmosis is currently working with the underconstruction Isprava Homes on the interiors of three Vaddo's in Alibag. Located in Dhokawade district of Alibaug, 7 minutes away from the Mandwa jetty, each of the 8 gorgeous private villas in this Vaddo extends to you the finer pleasures of community living as well as the pleasure of being one with nature.
A new addition to our gated communities and the first of its kind in Alibaug, also known as the ‘Hamptons of Mumbai’ . 
Villa C of Sienna Vaddo, one of the eight gorgeous private villas currently under construction, is where nature, serenity, and comfort unite, making for an experience steeped in luxury. The easy-going attitude of this beach home combined with hints of personalized luxury, visible all throughout the villa, is what makes this a true tropical escape.
Designed in a tropical modern aesthetic, the villa and its surroundings adds the perfect dose of luxury living to this beautiful coastal city. Surrounded by lush greenery and scenic hills on all four sides, it will instill in you a calm and serene aura that will instantly leave you feeling liberated from the routine of your busy life. Thus, making for a true tropical escape. 
This two-storey home, designed to maximize all open spaces, will inspire you to take a break and appreciate the value of living life in the current moment. Cozy yet chic, the living room  is where you will find warm tones  intertwined with sharp cement finishes and stark vintage chandeliers. The large glass doors used in this room are meant to exude a sense of brightness, not just in your home but also in your life, allowing you to relax, rejuvenate and recuperate with your loved ones right in the center of your home.