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Apartment 18 at World Tower

Year of Completion: 2019
Location: World One , Lower Parel, Mumbai
Area of Construction: 2000 sqft

This house is a warm, cozy apartment on the 25th floor of the World One Towers in Lower Parel, Mumbai inspired by the Danish Hygge which is more a lifestyle, mood and a vibe rather than a style. We have designed this house meticulously giving it a minimal, elegant characteristic along with a very good collaboration with the client and their aesthetic keeping in mind their taste, functionality and also a few furniture and art collections pieces that they had acquired and really wanted to keep them in the set-up. As a process in design for every project,  understanding the client’s story and turning that into the story of their home and spaces is something we pride ourselves for.

The living room has an open plan that also includes the dining area and is planned with an open kitchen separated by a small breakfast nook rather the the original closed in kitchen provided by the builder . The living room has a beautiful curved wall extended into a balcony space which becomes the highlight of the living room especially the mood that is created by the different hues of light at all times of the day. It's a long, narrow balcony space that we turned into a lovely, elaborate bar to which now makes its multifunctional as an outdoor bar with a lovely happy and mediterranean feel. The clients’ white Sofa set was beautfully paired with a lovely soft coral pink dining chair set and pastel printed bar chairs tying them up well. The beautiful Cocoon rug completes the look and the colour palette.

In the bedroom, we tried amplifying the spaciousness of the room by opening up the bathroom using glass panel divisions and curtailing the use of any extra furniture and ornamentation. The custom designed mustard yellow bed by is the main highlight with minimal and restraint materials, limited art and plants finishing the look.

The second bedroom for a pre-teen child on the contrary is painted in a neutral grey with a bright bursts of coral and pastel shades, portrays a young, outgoing and bold ambience. These coordinated yet contrasting colours were added to let the creative juices of the young child’s flow with the addition of books, art and music keeping them energetic and productive.  Here again the room is enhanced by the personalisation of the kids art, memories and collectibles over the years and become an important part of the space design.  A green balcony attached to the bedroom lets in ample of natural light and creates an optimum study environment inside and an outdoor break out space with a relaxed hygge ambience.

Photographs : Ishita Sitwala