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Apartment 14 at Oberoi Springs

Year of Completion: 2019
Location: Andheri, Mumbai
Area of Construction: 2400 Sqft

This is a luxury apartment with simple, clean, contemporary interiors with a neutral colour pallete. The client wanted the apartment to be spacious and bright hence we meticulously chose a white marble for the flooring and complemented it with a light beige veneer. These two materials form the foundation of the mood of the house.

This spacious 2500 sft apartment was realized by merging two adjoining three bedroom units. The design program was to have three bedrooms, a media room/guest room and a large living room. The space planning was challenging wherein we had to create multifunctional/ multi useable spaces and make the house look open with lots of daylight all along.

The guest room to be used as a media room, the entrance lobby to be used as a private study as well as a private den, a bar which can be hidden from view when not in use and a Mandir (temple) area which can be opened should there be a large gathering.

The home is in essence flexible and spacious as well as custom design and detailing for the adolescent kids rooms as well as all ancillary areas. Lot of the furniture has been procured internationally and lot is custom designed and detailed as per requirements. The entrance lobby den also multiplies to become a closable study and even a guest bed possibility.

Since the apartments were adjoining each other, the internal spaces were mirrored about the central axis (a wall which was demolished) to create a large living area. This created a large entrance lobby which was flanked by a linear Kitchen on one side with a waiting lobby including a servant’s room on the other. The diamond shaped flooring pattern at the entrance forms an interesting feature on the floor that extends into the kitchen and the study with a chandelier that mimics the flooring geometry. The modular kitchen unit is grey supplementing the grey inlay in the flooring. The waiting area boasts of a large custom designed glass mosaic wall along with a sliding folding door. The unit is designed in a manner which can be used as a private study and it had an openable bed underneath.

The living room is linear and long the functions and furniture further subdivides the spaces without creating any physical barriers. An openable temple lies on the far left while an openable bar lies in the far right. The bar is meticulously detailed so that while not in use it can be tucked away from view. This contemporary, leather panelled bar in the living room has lights on the ceiling that give the sense of being outdoors, under a starry night. The linear bar opens out to form an ‘L’ shape, when guests are to be entertained. Formal seating, dining area and an informal seating with a large projector screen makes the living room complete. The color of the furniture is pastel beige and grey which are accented with colourful soft furnishing and décor lending the room a fresh and spirited feel. The lights on the ceiling are planned in a randomized linear grid, giving a minimal and a clean look. The dining zone is in synergy with the living room with a distinctive contemporary chandelier above the dining table and abstract art on the wall in front of it. The Pooja room is meticulously detailed with a laser cut solid surface material. The lotus patterns are backlit with a minimal podium for the idol. The mandir is designed in a way that it can open out completely into the living room and creates additional space during congregations.

The master bedroom has a beige and white colour palette with a custom design master bed. A leather finish marble adorns the bed back which adds texture and a rich feel to the space while, minimal accessories keeps the room uncluttered and classy. A lounge seating by the window creates a perfect spot for a cup of coffee in the evening.

The daughter's bedroom has a vibrant vibe with an eccentric art on the shutters of the storage cabinets that brings a sense of dynamism to the room. The lights on the bed back wall give a personal touch to the room as they form the daughter’s zodiac sign once they are turned on. The lights also act as pegs for strings on which photographs can be clipped.

The son’s room sports a fabric panel on the bed back in a triangular grid with a wallpaper. A similar deconstructed pattern is continued onto the mirror and a mother of pearl inlay on the PU shutter of the wardrobe. The room is designed, in a playful yet mature fashion, providing for the needs of the growing child.

The guest room is spacious and acts as a family room for watching television. The herringbone wallpaper panel on the wall conceals a drop down bed. The marble grid pattern on the floor is reflected onto the ceiling with and light fixtures sported in an interesting way.

Photographs : Kunal Bhatia