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Apartment 12 at Signia Isles

Year of Completion: 2019
Location: BKC, Mumbai
Area of Construction: 3600 Sqft

Having worked with the client on his Private Studio in Bandra, we were approached to design this four Bedroom spacious apartment in BKC. Located on the 9th floor, the Apartment has large windows on the North-west and South-west façade. The client had chosen this apartment after a long search as the cardinal directions aligned with the vastu requirements and also facilitates in filtered sunlight and good cross ventilation which worked practically very well for us.

The residence came with Bottochino marble flooring and well-designed bathrooms and hence furniture, color and upholstery was where we had to creatively design the apartment. The clients brief for this project was two folds. His strong belief in Vastu and a desire for a minimal, contemporary yet a classy home. The apartment is laid out with a large living room in the centre and two bedrooms on either side of the living room. All the rooms face the North west direction. Combined with the sun path and cosmic references as well as the room function and occupant, the moods and tones of the rooms were figured.

The entrance is in the east direction with a minimal lobby. The powder room is smartly concealed with the archi-concrete texture paint by Asian paints. The ceiling of the Entrance is lowered with a Grey veneer panelling functionally concealing the AC units and aesthetically to lower the scale of the space. The walls have artwork by Suresh Parihar and a fabric artwork by Shivani Shroff.

The Entrance and the living room belongs to the space realm as per the vastu principles and hence earthy colors with strong textures have been used. A floor metal lamp by At-tin (Aziz Kachwala) creates an interesting starry semblance on the wall while the archi concrete textures on the faceted wall panel is synonymous with the textures of planets in the cosmic system giving it a rough texture.

The highlight of the living room is the kinetic art wall sculpture which we collaborated with Zarwan Elavia. The different circular discs are independently fixed with cog wheels which creates an interesting feature, a sense of vacuum and timelessness within the space.

The living room opens into a prominent balcony with lush greenery and outdoor furniture by Retyrement Plan. The living room further extends into the dining room without any permanent barrier. The dining area has a starry light pendant lights. The room has wood wallpaper with an exquisite fabric wall art by Shivani Shroff. The furniture in the living room is a combination of concrete finished shelves which are held together with thin metal framework almost lending a sense of weightlessness a characteristic of being in space.

The master bedroom belongs to the earth or stone realm and hence warranted dark grey colors which was also the clients personal taste. A dominant four poster bed stands tall amongst grey panelled walls with an interesting leather carpet by Merge carpets. The art required to follow the principles of Vastu and needed to have triangular/ mountain impressions reflecting upward rise or success. An intricate artwork by Kailash Rane was commissioned which symbolises the metal found in the earth along with an abstract scenery by Sunil Kale. These together formed the basis of accent color palette for the soft furnishing in the rooms.

The working professional young adult- room belongs to the moving water realm. Blue was the dominant color chosen for the room on the bedback and soft furnishings. A paper mache art by Shruti Jhaveri symbolising ripples in water adorns the Bed Back forming the highlight of the room. A fluid screen is designed along with the study table which resembles the fluid movements of the water. The Room opens into a balcony with a swinging balcony chair by Retyrement plan customised in shades of blue and yellow.

The media room is kept minimal with dark acoustic wallpaper and yellow ochre sofa and bar unit. The media room transforms into the client’s workspace on certain occasions with provisions for video conferencing. The guest room needed to be as light and cheerful as the first morning rays. A custom designed bed with triangular bed back and custom designed bed lights features in this light yellow room. The soft furnishing colours are picked from the wall art which completes the ambience of the room. Finally, the kitchen belonged to the fire and hence a custom designed Alno modular kitchen was accentuated by triangular pieces of red backsplash tiles which responded to the upward rise of the flames.

It was a bit of an interesting challenge to work around the mood and colour hues which formed the foundation of the design philosophy of the house. We had to work backwards and work the finer details first and then look at the larger picture collectively. The choice of materials resonated independently with the room concept. Every art and piece of furniture has a story of its own, a sense of identity and a significant role to play to make the room whole. We collaborated with multiple artists, sculptures, furniture designers to bring the vision to reality. Our endeavour was that as a person moves from one room to the other, he/ she is immersed in areas which have a story to tell; a story of their existence in the cosmic whole.

Photographs: Pulkit Sehgal