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The Classe, Pune

Year of Completion: 2016
Location: Pune
Area of Construction: 3100 square feet

Classe aimed to be a vegetarian fine dine restaurant. The restaurant had incoporated fancy fusion dishes in their menu in an attempt to redefine the ideas about vegetarian food. The main feature of the restaurant was the private dining room that was decorated with gorgeous statement lights and overlooked the hustle-bustle of the kitchen area. The space exhibits a rustic feel with brass inlay in IPS flooring and exposed ceiling design. The veneer paneling gives a warm and rich look to the Private Dining Areas. The two Private Dining Areas are separated by an elegant fabric sandwiched glass partition. The fabricated Concrete partitions and the metal mesh curtains in the restaurant provide privacy to individual tables without visually segregating the space. The light fixtures in the restaurant have been specially designed and fabricated to complement the design elements and enhance the overall character of the space. The warm and ambient light quality of the space creates the mood for the perfect fine-dine setting. The Façade of the Restaurant replicates elements from the interior design concept. The unique and striking ‘Classe’ logo made of brass screws is the highlight of the façade. The overall material palette, rustic color scheme along with interesting design elements enrich the dining experience at Classe.